• Create An Abundant Mind-Set

    healthmatters_0417When you foster a mind-set of abundance you allow your Self to appreciate your blessings and celebrate the blessings of others. Feeling envious about the good fortune of others is usually an indication that you are experiencing a sense of lack in your life.

    When you are in a lack mind-set you close the channel to creating your desires. Consider whether your feelings of envy reflect a feeling of lack. When you feel that others are experiencing more blessings than you, you may want to take time to build up your sense of abundance and focus on expressing gratitude for the wonderful things in your life. The happier and more satisfied you feel, the more joy you will experience when you notice others’ good fortune. [Read More...]

  • Recognize And Defuse Anger In The Work Place

    healthmatters_0416Violence in the workplace in the U.S. is a dangerous and persistent threat to company success and employee peace of mind, moral and safety. The U.S. department of Labor revealed that homicide is the fourth largest cause of occupational injuries. It is the leading cause of death for women in the workplace.

    These statistics are astonishing. However, the real tragedy is, these violent incidents could be avoided if employees and leaders understood how to recognize violence triggers and how to defuse them. Most people who act out violently indicate through their words and behavior their anger is escalating. When people recognize the warning signs, they can interject preventative strategies. [Read More...]

  • Common Injuries Seen by a Shoulder Surgeon

    healthmatters_0415Shoulder injuries are a common occurrence, affecting millions of people each year and prompting them to visit a shoulder surgeon. Athletes are especially susceptible. Typical complaints are instability, stiffness or immobility, and pain upon movement. Activities that involve repetitive overhead movements such as swimming, basketball, tennis, and baseball will no doubt make a person more likely to sustain an injury. However, it can happen to anyone, anywhere, whether you’re gardening, working on your car, or picking up your child.

    There are different types of injuries, and each one will be addressed in a unique way by a shoulder surgeon. [Read More...]

  • Dealing With Menopause – Some Remedies From Nature

    healthmatters_0414Menopause. Do you find yourself shivering whenever you hear or think of this word? If you do, you are not the only one. A lot of women may feel queasy just thinking about this natural phenomenon.

    Why do many women feel this way about menopause? Well, it may be largely due to the myths surrounding the issue and the various discomforts that middle-aged women experience as they go through menopause. [Read More...]

  • Rosacea – Understanding the Disease

    healthmatters_0413Are you becoming concerned about that persistent reddening on your face? Are you beginning to notice unusual pimple outbreaks and thin red lines on your face, too? If you do, chances are you are experiencing a skin condition commonly referred to as rosacea.

    [Read More...]