• Modern Colon Hydrotherapy – Detoxification

    healthmatters_0420Colon detoxification has changed a lot over the years. For centuries and right up to the mid twentieth century enemas were very effective. And used all the time as the one and only colon detoxification procedure. In hospitals everywhere, if you had regularity problems for even a day you were given an enema. Administering an enema successfully treated even depression, allergies, fever and tension headaches. But today colon detoxification is almost always something you take in a pill or some liquid laxative you drink. Enemas are given only very rarely if at all.

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  • Deal With Pathological Headaches the Natural Way

    healthmatters_0419Are you wondering why you have to put up with that nasty headache every time you have a bout with colds, flu or sinusitis? Well, the answer is really quite simple – the head congestion that typically accompanies these common ailments can also trigger a headache. As such, these types of headaches are classified as pathological headaches.

    A Closer Look at Colds and Flu Headaches – Headaches that accompany a cold or a case of the flu can either set in without prior notice or it may develop gradually over some time. The headache can be described as a throbbing, pounding pain that is usually felt at the front of the head. [Read More...]

  • Say No To Migraine Headaches!

    healthmatters_0418Are you a migraneur (one who suffers from migraine pain)? If you are, then you are most definitely aware of the intense throbbing headache that it brings and the disabling symptoms that accompany it!

    The word “migraine” originated from the Greek work “hemicrania” which literally means “half of the head”. This is because classic migraine headaches usually affect one side of the head only, with the pain centering on the eye or temple. It can be accompanied by several other symptoms such as numbness or weakness, nausea or vomiting, dizziness and a marked sensitivity to light, noise, odors and touch. [Read More...]

  • Create An Abundant Mind-Set

    healthmatters_0417When you foster a mind-set of abundance you allow your Self to appreciate your blessings and celebrate the blessings of others. Feeling envious about the good fortune of others is usually an indication that you are experiencing a sense of lack in your life.

    When you are in a lack mind-set you close the channel to creating your desires. Consider whether your feelings of envy reflect a feeling of lack. When you feel that others are experiencing more blessings than you, you may want to take time to build up your sense of abundance and focus on expressing gratitude for the wonderful things in your life. The happier and more satisfied you feel, the more joy you will experience when you notice others’ good fortune. [Read More...]

  • Recognize And Defuse Anger In The Work Place

    healthmatters_0416Violence in the workplace in the U.S. is a dangerous and persistent threat to company success and employee peace of mind, moral and safety. The U.S. department of Labor revealed that homicide is the fourth largest cause of occupational injuries. It is the leading cause of death for women in the workplace.

    These statistics are astonishing. However, the real tragedy is, these violent incidents could be avoided if employees and leaders understood how to recognize violence triggers and how to defuse them. Most people who act out violently indicate through their words and behavior their anger is escalating. When people recognize the warning signs, they can interject preventative strategies. [Read More...]